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Our team

The Trinity Story is the product of collaboration between L. H. Found as author and writer and Dr. Ventsislav Stoykov as co-author and theological advisor.

After years of seeking truth and meaning behind our existence, L. H. Found turned to the Christian faith in 2006 after a dramatic spiritual experience that pointed to Jesus Christ as the only answer to the problems we face as a humanity. Soon after, having always had an affinity for literature and creative writing, Found began to seek to express the conversion experience through poetry. In 2009 Found received a BA in Politics and International Relations, an English as a Second Language teaching qualification in 2010 and, while pursuing a career as a teacher, an MA in English Language and Culture in 2015. In 2017 Found’s lifelong passion for writing and newly acquired interest in theology and apologetics led to the birth of the idea for a fictional-sounding retelling of the Biblical account. It was around that time that Found had become acquainted with Dr. Stoykov while they were working together on a Christian ministry project. Dr. Stoykov, inspired by the idea for the book, offered to help with the theological accuracy of the story. L. H. Found is married and has three children.

Dr. Ventsislav Stoykov became a Christian in 1990 just after the fall of the Communist regime in Bulgaria. Soon after Stoykov became involved in ministry and leadership in the Bulgarian Church of God, founded in the 1920s but forced to become an underground organisation when the atheistic dictatorship came to power in 1945. Dr. Stoykov was ordained in the Bulgarian Church of God in 1995 where he still serves today. In 1996 Stoykov received a BA in Theology from the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute, later joining the faculty as a teacher of New Testament studies. Dr. Stoykov continued his studies in the University of Sofia, receiving a BA and an MA in Classics in 2002 and 2011 respectively and a PhD in Philology in 2017. In 2003 Dr. Stoykov and a group of friends planted Crossroads Church in Sofia where Stoykov still serves as senior pastor. Between 2010-2016 Dr. Stoykov also served as General Overseer of the Bulgarian Church of God denomination. Dr. Stoykov is very respected as a theologian and a writer in Protestant as well as Orthodox circles. Dr. Stoykov is married and has two children.